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Your Journey Starts HERE!

"Our client starts with the end goal in mind, which is no longer hoped for but expected, and with daily coaching she makes her dream of being healthier a reality..."

What We Offer

Our Memberships are tailored for YOU. We believe the journey to better health is just that, a journey, and it is unique for each client. As such, we don’t offer a cookie cutter “one size fits most” program. Most of our clients tried those before and they didn’t work long term. And there is a REASON for that!

When you sit down to talk about membership options with us, you will immediately notice one thing, it is vastly different from any other experience you’ve ever had purchasing a “gym” membership. And that is because we’re not just a gym, we’re a women’s health and fitness coaching business and the coaching starts the first time we meet.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, the first step is booking a time to meet with us. We’ll sit down to learn more about YOU and what YOU need to reach YOUR goals, whether that’s just our Group Training Sessions, Personal Training, or 1 on 1 Personal Health Coaching, which is our flagship offering.

Click “GET STARTED” below, pick the location closest to you, enter your info, then schedule a time to meet with us. We’ll follow up from there!

Grab a Pack

Rather get started with a pack of sessions than a membership? Our Class Packs offer the flexibility to drop in at your convenience, which can be reloaded and never expire! Plus take advantage of our current SALE on Class Packs and grab one at a deeply discounted rate.

Choose one of the options below to begin YOUR journey at Miss Fit Fitness!

Not sure where to start? Reach out to us using the contact info below or, if it’s during normal business hours, just click the chat icon on the bottom right and connect with us instantly!
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