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The Sisterhood

Who We Serve

By making it here, you’ve taken the first step to finding The Solution you’ve been looking for and YOU are our ideal client. The woman that has fought to get healthy, tried many other programs and hasn’t achieved the results she wanted, but is still looking for a place she will fit in, reach her goals, and build lasting relationships.
We serve busy women, that have let their weight get away from them, and need help improving their health. They’re losing hope and feel defeated but are still looking for a solution. We are that solution. For us, it’s more than the weight on the scale or calories burned, it’s about overall health and the JOURNEY to it. If this sounds like something for you, YOU are the type of woman MISS FIT was built for. Grab your 3-Day Trial Pass below and start your journey today!

Our Mission

We are the fitness solution for busy women who have fought to get healthy, are losing hope, and feel defeated, but desperately want to do more, be more, and get more out of life. Using the revolutionary results-based approach of our Miss Fit Method, we create predictable outcomes, an intentionally varied fitness experience, and a sisterhood built on empowerment. Our client starts with the end goal in mind, which is no longer hoped for but expected, and with daily coaching she makes her dream of being healthier a reality. She becomes an inspiration for others and so self-sufficient she no longer needs our help, but continues her Miss Fit journey because the experience gives her a kind of strength she can’t get anywhere else.

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